Zara Zara Zara


Before I start this post off, I just want to thank my friend and coworker Malcolm for taking my pictures while on my work trip! Follow him on IG (mxjohnson93). BUT I put this outfit on the other day and realized that I am head to toe dress on Zara. Well besides the hat and the socks but everything else is ZARA. They are having a really good sale right now so, I decided to see what they had in store while I was in the Atlanta area. IMG_0109IMG_0030IMG_0010

If you have a chance, check out your local Zara to see what they have left. They also have the sale online but most of the items that I really wanted sold out really fast. The jacket that I have on, I got from the Zara in Miami. That is the only item that I purchased that wasn’t on sale. The dress and boots were both under 20 bucks so, I had to get them! Zara has amazing pieces for a somewhat affordable price.  I keep an eye on the stuff that I really want so when the sales hit, I can get them at an even better price!


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