Spontaneous Trip to Houston


The twins and I decide to take a trip to Houston for the weekend! My cousin, Kiah, was there for a business trip and she had a big enough hotel room for us and we decided to drive up there for the weekend! This was my second time in Houston and I will say; although I do love the city and what it has to offer BUT, I hate the traffic and their highways. There is construction going on everywhere. It’s insane. IMG_2240IMG_8712IMG_2385IMG_2350

On one of the days, we tried to find a really cool place to take pictures. We ended up at a local college that was close to the downtown area. It was a really nice campus! We took pictures at their art building and a worker inside decided to let us in and take pictures in one of their exhibits and it was amazing! It was nice of him to do that for us. I really loved how these photos came out. They just give me a really retro 70s vibe.


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