IMG_3511IMG_3520The twins and I decided to go to Fairhope; which is a probably 30 minutes away from I live and man did we get some good photos! We just had one of those days where the weather was perfect and we had good photos coming in left and right. I couldn’t wait to come home and edit them. Before we took photos, we got smoothie bowls from Soul Bowls. We haven’t had them in so long so that was nice. But this blog post is more about downtown Fairhope.IMG_3440IMG_3358IMG_3445IMG_3632

If you ever get the chance to visit the area, walk around. We found so many places to take photos! It was every few steps, we found somewhere to have a photoshoot. We usually take all of our photos in our downtown area but we’ve noticed that there is too much going on so it takes up too much of our photos. With downtown Fairhope, there was a lot of open space. We definitely will be going back!


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