In A Rut

Hey guys! As you can see, I haven’t posted a blog or a youtube video in a while. The past month and a half, I have just been in a rut. Things that are going on in my life, as mediocre as they are, has caused me to not want to create or do anything creative on both Youtube and this blog. I, also, believe the environment that I am in is causing me to feel this way. But me being me, I’m scared of change so, I don’t want to move anywhere. I really want to be in LA because that’s where I feel most happy. Every time I visit, I’m in such good spirits and there is so much to do and see!


It’s fall now and the holidays are coming up so, I hope that kind of lifts my spirits up and I can bring a lot more content for you guys ! This Wednesday, Neika, my cousin Kiah, and I will be visiting LA and San Diego for five days. I’m so excited to take some photos and hopefully film a vlog while were there! So, be ready to see that and I will talk to you guys later.




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