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On the second day of our trip, we only had a half of day in Los Angeles and then we were off to San Diego! We woke up super early so that we could make it to our reservation at Sweet Chicks! Come to find out, there was literally no one in the restaurant so even if we were late, we would still have a table. I think the reason why is because there was a Supreme drop happening across the street but anywho. The food was amazing and I would highly recommend it.



Beverly HillsIMG_9803IMG_9790bh outfit

After we left Sweet Chicks, we stopped by the famous Beverly Hills Hotel! I’ve been wanting to see this hotel in person for so long. It’s just as beautiful as it is in pictures. There are just so many photo opportunities there. We also stopped by Alfred’s and Alfred’s tea spot. I always love to stop there. They had this chocolate place that was connected to the coffee shop but it’s no longer there! My cousin and I were quite upset because we really wanted to get some really good chocolate. The place starts with a C and I cant for the life of me think of what it’s called. Neika went to the Tea Room and got Boba(her favorite, of course). After a couple of hours running of around, doing as much as we could before we had to leave, we were off to San Diego!

clifff videoIMG_9925IMG_9939

I didn’t get many photos of myself but I did catch a lot of scenery. We were there visiting a friend of ours from college. I has been five years since we’ve seen him so, it was good to catch up with him! He took us to all of the touristy spots in San Diego. I could honestly see myself living there in the future. It’s not too different from where I live now. I live close to the beach so it was kind of like being in Gulf Shores but 10x better. So, now I’m wondering if I should move there instead of L.A….

Keyonna x

P.S. All graphics were made by me! I use to be really into photoshop and I had to reteach myself how to use it all over again and it’s nice to be doing something I once enjoyed back in my early Myspace days.


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