Happy December !

Even though I started celebrating Christmas way before November started, it is finally acceptable to start celebrating the Holiday Season ! This is literally my favorite time of the year and I am so excited that it’s finally here. I start putting up my decorations up in November. Yeah yeah I know thats early BUT you need more the 25 days to be festive. I feel like if stores are starting to carry and sell Christmas decor, then it is acceptable to start decorating! Last year, I had a couple of signs and my little white tree. BUT THIS YEAR, I went all out. IMG_0551

Instead of using my 4ft white tree, I went and bought a pre-lit 6 FOOT TREE. I usually go for the classic white lights but I was really in the mood for more color. It just gives it that old school vibe and reminds me of my childhood. Our tree in the living room has white lights so, I wanted to have a different vibe in my room! It feels like a Christmas wonderland in there xD.IMG_0606IMG_0651IMG_0633This year, I put Christmas bedding on as well! Down to the sheets. Target had really cute fleece Christmas sheets for sell and I had to get them. I was worried that because the sheets are so thick, that I would get hot. They are actually really comfortable and I’m glad that  I purchased them. IMG_0558 copyIMG_0552IMG_0622IMG_0665

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it got you in the festive spirit! Let me know in the comments below what you like to do in the month of December!


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