“You Have a Bug on Your Shirt”

IMG_0593IMG_0613IMG_0654IMG_0698IMG_0650This is probably one of my favorite outfits that I post to date!  I just love the layers and the colors that were put together. This day, Neika and I were finishing up our Winter Lookbooks. Her’s should be up on her channel www.youtube.com/neikasaywhaa and mine so should be Friday! Hopefully; fingers crossed. My bug sweater is from H&M. I want to say it is on sale right now! I know it’s in stores but I’m not sure if it is still available online. My trousers are from Forever 21. I have really long legs so, thats why they don’t reach to my ankles. A trick that I usually like to do is to wear boots with trousers such as this and then have my socks peek through just a tad. That way, it doesn’t look like I’m wear pants that are way too short for me. More stores should cater to people with long legs. I know my long legged sisters can feel me on this one. IMG_0663IMG_0676IMG_0693My blazer is from H&M. The Blazer look with just a casual outfit is what’s really in right now and I just love how it looks. The baker boy hat is from Lulu’s and my boots are from Vince Camuto but I got them off of Nordstrom’s website ! I tried to do different poses with this outfit. My goal was to be as editorial as possible; and it surprisingly worked out.


I really hope you guys are loving my blog posts so far! I want to step it up this year and add links to the pieces that I’m wearing! Once I figure that out, you will see links to the pieces at the bottom of the post. Thank you for visiting my blog and make sure you guys subscribe! It would mean so much 🙂

-Keyonna x


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