Keyonna J x Delta Low

IMG_0615IMG_0632IMG_0626IMG_0643IMG_0685IMG_0710IMG_0666IMG_0624These are a few of the many photos that I took with Delta Low just right before Christmas. They are so amazing at what they do and I really think you guys should check them out. Delta Low is a photography company ran by Jared & Haley Darby. They both go to my church (City Hope) and they are such amazing people! They are true followers of Christ and I admire that so much. If you guys want to hit them up, check out their website at OR on Instagram @deltalow. They do Wedding Photography, Videography and so much more! You will not be disappointed if you book with them.


Everything in my first outfit is from H&M! I know the controversy that’s going on right now with the company  but I have owned all of this way before. I, also, work there if you guys didn’t know. Even though I think what they did was wrong, it’s kind of hard to have an opinion on it when I actually work there. BUT ANYWAY. and My boots are from Vince Camuto. In my outfit with the overalls, I got the shirt with Christmas trees on it from GOODWILL. They have amazing things if you take the time to look. The overall dress is from Forever 21 and the boots are the same from the previous look. I’m going to try to have it to where I can link everything I bought some kind of way,  I just don’t know how to do that yet xD.

-Keyonna x

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