Festival Season 2018

IMG_1512Festival season is upon us! Every festival known to man is coming out with their line ups and some of just releasing ticket prices! So far, I am really love Coachella’s and Hangout Fest’s lineup! Unfortunately, I’m not going to Coachella D:. I freaking love the line up. I’m really sad that I’m going to miss LANY perform. I recently started really loving their music and I would love to see them live. Also Cardi B and MIGOS?! I know it’s going to be so much fun when they perform. BUT I AM GOING TO HANGOUT FEST. We already have our place to stay and it’s in walking distance from the festival! I am so excited! The lineup is just way too good to pass up! There are a lot of people that I’m eager to see but I am most excited to see Blackbear, Lauv, The Chainsmokers, & Halsey!

IMG_1393IMG_1316IMG_1491Besides the music, I love festival fashion. I wish that you could dress like this all year round. I love that everyone is so out there with their fashion choices. I am so ready to see what everyone comes up with this year and to watch the vlogs! (By the way, I will be vlogging Hangout fest!) IMG_1311IMG_1391IMG_1335IMG_1517IMG_1326If I was to be going to Coachella, I would definitely wear this outfit. It is a little big around the chest and waist area but I made it work. The jumpsuit (Forever 21) has straps that you can adjust but, because I have no boobs and a small waist, it was hard for it to fit how I wanted it to. Instead of wearing the jumpsuit on it’s own, I decided to put a sheer top underneath to give it a little pizazz. This whole outfit was under 15 dollars! Both the top and the jumpsuit were in the sale section at Forever 21. If only I was going to Coachella, I would rock this outfit ! So, I’m making Neika wear it so I can live through her.

-Keyonna x

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