Internet Cafe 2

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If you are ever in Dallas, you have to hit up the Internet Cafe 2! It is so aesthetically pleasing and you can’t help but have a photoshoot in there. They were smart about the photoshoots because if you want to have one in there, they charge you 20 dollars. The good thing about it is if you go with more than one person, you can split the cost. They were really nice about us just putting our stuff down and just having fun with the space. The area around the coffee shop as well was nice to take photos. Im not sure what area of Dallas its in, but I do know its in Dallas. I just loved being in there because it was literally a blast from the past. They had an really old computer with a big monitor and everything. It has been YEARS since I’ve seen a computer like that. I was born in 1992 so, that computer just brought back memories of going to computer labs in school and playing with paint when I got home. So if you are in the Dallas area, I highly recommend you going! Just make sure you bring your 20 dollars 😉

Keyonna x

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