True Happiness


I have really been loving patterned trousers at the moment. It adds so much to an outfit. I can wear a plan t-shirt or sweatshirt, throw on some trousers and I have a banging fit! Platform shoes are something that I really want to start wearing as well. Olivia Frost (@Oliviabynature) is pretty much my style inspiration right now. She is always wearing really bright colors, patterned pants, and platform shoes. AND I AM LOVING IT. It’s like so effortless. I pretty much got inspiration from her for this outfit. Now all I need is a pair of platform shoes. I had to borrow these from Neika. I honestly use to hate these shoes when she bought them but now I wish I had my own pair.

IMG_1140IMG_1120IMG_1015Happiness 22IMG_1035

BUT my question for you guys today is…..What is true happiness to you? Is it love? Money? Traveling to your  dream destination? Family? True Happiness to me is doing what I love everyday. Living my life with no regrets and doing what makes me happy, regardless of what anyone thinks of me. True Happiness is having my family and my friends. Hopefully, one day I can add a husband and kids into the equation but for now, Happiness is my relationship with God and knowing that, besides my family and friends, He is all I need right now. Knowing that He will take care of everything and what He allows in my life will come.

Keyonna x



Top: True Happiness Sweatshirt

Trousers: Sold OUT

Platform Shoes: Fenty Puma Platforms


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