Photography Adventures


This blog is long overdue but a couple of friends and I had a wonder around downtown Mobile and snapped up some photos! We walked around and any photo opportunity we saw, we took a couple of photos in that area! It’s so awesome when you find people in your area that love to do exactly what you love to do. They bring in new ideas and teach you things you never knew. We made it to this one spot where we had to climb a fence and as you can see by my outfit, it was a struggle. I had to take off my heels, and I ripped a whole in my crotch lmao. Thanks ALEX! I’m still going to wear these pants though. Its hard to find a good pair of Levi Jeans at the thrift store. OH! While you guys are here, let me introduce to the other photographers that we were with! I will link where you can reach them in case you want to have some photos taken! I will show you the photos they took this day down below!

So first, we have Alex Kiker .

I love that he used his IPHONE for these photos. His editing style if one of my favorites.


and then we have Ashe Croley

He’s pretty new to the photography world and I have to say,  he’s pretty good for starting out! I wish I was this good when I first started.IMG_3365IMG_3338

and then we have Patrick Dang! This was my first time meeting him and he was so nice! I love how natural his editing is. IMG_3260IMG_3262

I just love how each one of them had their own twist to each photo and how they all look so different even though I was giving them the same poses. It was awesome and if you guys are reading this, we definitely have to do this again! Make sure you guys follow all three of them on Instagram and show them some love.




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