Festival Essentials

IMG_2322Festival season is upon us! There are so many festivals happening right now and I am so excited! I love the time where we get to prepare for whatever music festival we are going to and counting down the days until we get to dance with random strangers and make memories with our friends. This Friday is the start of Hangout Fest 2018 and I have never been so pumped. My friend Malcolm and I started planning for this very weekend back in December so, it’s crazy to think that it is already here! It seems like it was just yesterday that we bought our tickets. The line up is crazy! Blackbear, Lauv, The Chainsmokers, Kendrick Lamar, Halsey, and so many others will be performing this year. I just love how you can see most of your favorite artists all in one place. Instead of paying separate prices to see one artist, you can pay one big price to see over 50+ artists and find some new ones to enjoy! Out of all of the artists performing, I am excited to see Blackbear, Lauv , the Chainsmokers, and the Killers. This will also be my chance to see Kendrick Lamar since I missed him at Rolling Loud last year.

FOR ME, I always need:

  • Sunscreen for the body & face. Nothing is worse than being in the sun all day and getting sunburnt. It would be so terrible if you get sunburned on the first day of the festival and be in so much pain for the rest of the weekend. That is no fun !
  • Lipstick for touch ups. I will admit. Wearing makeup at all at the beach isnt really the smartest thing to do because you will end up sweating it all off and it wont look as fresh by the end of the night but you know what? who cares. I am going all out with my makeup this year. Jewels, crazy eye looks, the whole 9. I can’t bring all of my makeup with me but one thing that I always keep in my handbag, even if I’m not at a festival, is my lipstick. You’re going to be eating and drinking and it’s going to come off.



    • BUT, before you have all of your festival fun. You have to make sure you have your festival essentials.

  • A Hydration Pack.  Festivals always have a water station. The pros about them is, you can just fill up your bottle or Hydration pack and be hydrated for the time you’re there. The only thing is, you have to wait in really REALLY long lines to fill up. It’s basically free water so everyone will be trying to take advantage. I really love this pack that I got from Thrillseeker because it will hold all of my stuff AND they have tons of patterns that you can choose from on their website! You can click the word Thrillseeker and it will take you straight to the one that I have! Make sure when you check out, use my code ‘KEKE’ if you want 10% off your purchase 🙂
  • & last but not least, YOUR CREW! The people that you go with will either break or make your festival experience. For me, the people who are down for whatever and won’t complain are the people I want to be around. Also, just people who are grateful and happy to be there no matter what happens. I have a really good group of people that I am going with this year so, I am so excited to get this weekend started! and I’m excited to be at the beach for three days!



Let me know if you guys are going to any festivals this year! Leave them in the comments 🙂

Keyonna x


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