Top Memories of 2018

I thought it would be a little fun to take stroll down 2018 memory lane and share with you my top favorite moments.

Let’s Start off with March. MY BIRTH MONTH

Around this time, it has been a couple of months since Nelle (Neika’s sister) moved to Dallas. So Neika and I decided to visit her for a couple of days. We made a birthday trip out of it and left a couple of days after my birthday.  It’s about a ten hour drive from Mobile, Alabama so we left pretty early. That way we would have enough time during the day to explore! I’ve never been to Dallas, so I was so excited to see what the city had to offer. DALLAS IS H U G E.  What I have learned from visiting Houston and San Antonio in the past, is that if you do not take the tollways, it is going to take you at least an hour or more to get to anywhere you need to go. If you miss an exit somewhere, don’t even bother trying to turn around. It’s gone and you’re just gonna have to forget about it.

Being in a big city like that made me really appreciate my small little city. It can take you 20-30 minutes to get somewhere if you had to drive a long distance. (OMG as I’m typing this, I’m on a plane and a child is kicking my seat. And I want to beat his or her ass). ANYWHO One of the days we had a photoshoot with the one and only Michelle (@visualsbymichelle) . We have been wanting to take best friend photos for so long. We coordinated outfits and everything. Our photoshoot was at In n Out, (basic I know) but it was so much fun ! Now I have these photos to look back on and I’m so happy with them. I will cherish them forever.


My brother got his Associates Degree in Computer Science and I couldn’t have been more proud. It seemed like he was in school for forever.  It may not be his bachelors,( which he is currently in the process of getting), but I am still proud of him for making it this far. Im even more proud that he is continuing his education so that he can get his bachelors degree. I love my brother more than anything so, I want him to succeed in life. Im not saying that you have to have a bachelors degree to achieve anything. I’m saying that I’m glad that he’s making the commitment to push himself so, that he can have a better future when he graduates. I’m ready for the next gradation.


This was my second time going to the festival. The first time was in 2016. I didn’t go in 2017 because the line up was not doing it for me. This year, they had Kendrick Lamar, Halsey, ZEDD, Chainsmokers and many more artists. Blackbear was also set to perform but because of health reasons, he was not able to make it. I was so bummed but his health comes first.

Even though that upset me, something even more excited happened. I met MICHAEL FUCKING CLIFFORD from 5 Seconds of Summer. If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with that band and they came into my life when I was struggling with myself and heartbreak . They brought me peace and an escape when I needed it. And then Michael is my favorite of the band so that made it even more special. He is so freaking nice and Im so happy him and his girlfriend are engaged.

Hangout was so much fun and I can’t not wait for this year. Are you going ? Let me know in the comments.


San Diego/ LA

We went back to San Diego for the second time and wow was it awesome. We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to but I’m glad that we were able to scratch some things off of our list. One thing I remember us doing was going to a dispensary in Los Angeles. Marijuana is legal in California so, we were excited to buy whatever they had. We tried edibles that tasted like peach rings and YALL when I tell you I had the best sleep because I took them before bed. O M G. If it wasn’t illegal to have that stuff in Alabama, I would buy those in a heartbeat. I know my friends can agree with me on this. We all woke up so refreshed. Now , I will tell you …do not eat two and then go on a hike right after. I almost died.

AUGUST: Collaborations

I honestly never thought I would get the opportunity to collaborate with a big brand such as Forever 21. Back in 2015, I started taking instagram more seriously. I wanted my feed to look perfect and I wanted to start blogging. In 2017 ,I started this blog. I may have taken breaks every now and then but I do enjoy it. In 2018, someone from Forever 21’s Instagram contacted me through email asking if I wanted to collaborate with them for their new Fall Collection. It was 9PM that night , I was tired and I shot up from my bed and said ‘aint no way in hell this is real’. But it was and ever since that night , I have worked with them 3 more times and so many more companies. Im so thankful for that opportunity  because it has opened up doors for me. Hopefully this year I can go from collaborations to paid promotions and advertisements so that I can quit retail, working for someone else, and live the life that I’ve been dreaming about. That is the ultimate goal.


September was a busy month for me. Kiah and I were about to head to South Carolina for a concert but then the hurricane hit so, we decided to go visit our friend Hang in Birmingham instead. It was good to see her and have her show us around her home. Even though I have been to Birmingham numerous of times, I saw it in a new light because she showed us all of the different spots that I did not know existed. OMG how could I forget about the man in the wig lmao. So we went to CVS because I needed medicine and as soon as we walked in, we saw an associate with the funniest haircut and I swear I never laughed so much in my life. It was one of those you had to be there moments.

Later on that month, I went to Dallas again . This time for the same concert that I was going to go to at the beginning of the month. By the time, Neika has moved up to the city with her sister. So I was really happy to see her. Im still mad that she left me here in Mobile. We took lots of pictures, ate a lot of food and enjoyed each others company. Thats a perfect trip in my book.


After my trip to Dallas, I started training for my new job at Forever 21! It’s funny that just a couple months back, I started collaborating with the company and now I’m working for them. If you didn’t read my previous blog (if you haven’t shame on you) I said that I am now an Assistant manager there. I have been in retail for almost 7 years and this is my first ever full time manager position. I didn’t think I was made for the job but God will never put you in a position that you cant handle and I’m glad to say that I’m handling it pretty well.

I even met Lauv during the month of October! He came down here the day before Halloween. The whole day I was a nervous wreck. I am not good with celebrities , shoot with people in general. I am socially awkward…unless I’ve had tequila. I was shitting bricks but it turned out to be a pleasant experience. He was so awesome and a great performer. Julia Michaels is one lucky girl.

There are so many memories that I would love to share with you guys, like getting a new car and meeting new people but this blog is already too long. I really hope to make more unforgettable memories with the old and the new loved ones in my life. I have Coachella, Hangout Fest and my 27th birthday coming up for starters..

Lets make 2019 the best year yet! 😉

Keyonna x


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