Sugar Factory in Hard Rock Biloxi Casino


The Sugar Factory kindly invited me to check out their new location in Biloxi, MS at the Hard Rock Casino! I was so excited when they reached out to me. I have been to the Sugar Factory before in Miami and was dying to go back! When I was told that they were opening up on just an hour from where I lived, I was so thrilled that I didn’t have to travel great lengths just to go to one that’s nearest to me. If you have never heard of what the Sugar Factory is, it’s basically an adult candy store. They have a traditional candy store, but on the other side, there is a full restaurant with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

My cousin, Kiah, and I arrived to the Hard Rock around 6:30 for our reservation at 6:45. The restaurant was inside the casino so we have a little trouble finding it. If you are here on a normal visit, I would suggest making a reservation early, if that is possible. Because we were there around dinner time, it was almost an hour wait if you wanted to be seated; but we were there on blogger business so, we were seating almost immediately. One thing I noticed right away was that it was so packed ! Although it was packed (that means it was really popular and people really enjoy it), I wish that it was a little more spacious. I hate not having enough room to move around. That is just a personal preference of mine but I loved the atmosphere and how fun it was!

We started off with our drinks! They have so many drinks to choose from. There is The Goblet; which is basically the biggest drink they have. It’s kind of like a mini fish bowl. Those run for 32 dollars each. Because they are so big, I would suggest sharing it with someone. That way you can split the price. I love the goblets because they decorate it with so much candy! The servers put your glass full of ice on the table first and then this is where the fun part comes in. The drink is being poured in and it gives off this smoke effect; like the drink is being poured on dry ice! It it so freaking cool! Kiah had the Lollipop Passion and I had the Ocean Blue. We were told to choose one drink each for the evening but we were given two drinks! I thought that was very nice of them. So, we, also, received one of the martinis each! There were a variety of martinis to choose from but we got the Sour Apple Lolly and the Virginia Strawberry Lemonade. We were sat by a really cute family who was celebrating a birthday; they saw our drinks and was very fascinated about what we had. We gladly told them that all of their drinks come nonalcoholic so ,that their son could get one too! We basically were part of the family for that time being.


Next was dinner and oh boy were we in for a treat. Their portions are so big. You really get what you’re paying for. I chose the The Big Cheesy Burger and Kiah had the chopped salad. If you know both of us, you know that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We definitely needed to go boxes at the end of our trip. When they brought our food over, I was so shocked. I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to be able to finish all of it. On my burger, instead of just regular cheese, it was macaroni and cheese! I have never had a burger with macaroni in the middle. I was unsure of how I would feel about it but it was SO GOOD! I would definitely recommend that if you are a burger lover.

Then, we had our deserts. By this time, we were so full from dinner that we thought we had no idea how we were going to fit dessert in. We both decided on the Banana Split Crepe. Honestly, we could have just shared one order of it. Like I said, the portions are so big. We both tried a little bit and it was amazing. That was my first time ever having a crepe and I enjoyed every bite.

Now for the finale. The MILKSHAKES. I knew that they had milkshakes prior to my visit but I did not know how extravagant they were. I was really surprised at how much effort they put into making a simple milkshake into a masterpiece! Our options were the Princess Make a Wish, Cookie Monster Make a Wish, and the Tie Die Milkshake. Kiah and I received all three milkshakes we were told to choose from so, we gave one to the family next to us. We chatted with them for a bit because they were curious as to how I got all of this food. It was nice to be able to chat with them about what I aspire to do and about my blog. The Cookie Monster tasted like cookies and cream & came with a donut and a cupcake on the side! From what I remember, the Princess Make a Wish and the Tie Dye milkshake both tasted like birthday cake but they were decorated differently. By the end of our visit, we were so full that we could barely move.


The good thing about the restaurant being inside a casino is that we got the gamble afterwards! I’m not a big gambler but I decided ….ehh why not play for a little bit. We both said that we weren’t going to before we arrived but who were we kidding?

All in all, I really enjoyed my time at the Sugar Factory. It is a place that all ages can enjoy and I really recommend you give it a try.

Keyonna x

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