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Photo by @aprilloyle

When I saw that there was going to be a weekend that catered to creatives and photographers in my area, I was interested immediately ! Bloom was created by April (@aprilloyle) and Saidy (@saidytroha). Two amazing people who reside in Gulf Shores, AL! April is an AMAZING photographer who I have wanted to work with for so long. You guys should check out her work. It is amazing in every way. She is knowledgable in her field and such an awesome person all around. Saidy is the co-owner of Foam Coffee along with her husband! She is such a beautiful person and has the best coffee shop! It is so aesthetically pleasing and on top of that, they have AMAZING coffee. I love that they welcome photographers and creatives to come into their space to do what we love to do; create. I would highly recommend her coffee shop! BUT if you go in there, make sure you support and buy a coffee or two. 😉

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Photos by @kizzieklaire // ft in photo @jennifernle_

I signed up for the event not really know if I was going to be excepted or not. I have this flaw that I am not good enough as people tell me and I doubt myself all the time. When I as accepted, I was overflowed with different emotions! I was excited that I was accepted into something that will benefit me and my future but I was also extremely nervous. I am a very quiet person so, going to a event where I barely knew anyone was a bit scary. At the time, I didn’t know who else was being accepted so, I was eager to see who else was going. I ,soon, found out that my friend Jenn (@jennifernle_) also was accepted ! It was so exciting to find out that she was going. At least I wasn’t going into this completely alone. We were all added into a group chat on Instagram so, that we could introduce ourselves before the weekend arrived. By the time the actual event came, we all sort of knew of each other but I was still extremely nervous to meet everyone in person.

I had to work the first day of the event so, I arrived later than everyone else. It kind of felt like school all over again. I was dreading the introduction part of it all. I’m so shy and awkward so, I try to avoid that at all costs. I eventually met everyone and the content creating started right away! Unfortunately, I had to graduation party to go to that same night. I left but I would be back in the morning for a great day! Not going to get into too much , but that night was an eye opener for me and I wish I never went. It kind of made me question if I really want to be here at the beach with everyone while I was feeling the way I was. I was sad, VERY VERY anxious, and I didn’t want to have that negative energy around something that was so positive. I talked to my parents about the whole situation and they basically told to sleep it off and if I wanted to leave in the morning, I could. I have really understanding and supportive parents so, I’m glad I talked to them about what was going on. Obviously, I decided to stay. I battled with myself that morning but I knew I would regret it if I left. I wasn’t going to let something that is temporary keep me from my goals and what I am so passionate about.


Photos by @jayleedempsey //Ft in Photo @livinlavidalexi

We had breakfast and at 10 A.M, the photoshoots began. Today was also the day that people who had a day pass could come and experience Bloom ! If you weren’t able to get a spot for the weekend, they provided day passes so that you don’t miss out! Downstairs was a room full of clothing that we could choose from, provided by different sponsors for the event. You could either choose from their stuff or you can shoot in your own outfits ! I packed loads of outfits because I wanted to get as much content as I could; I definitely did! Lunch was around 2 P.M. and was followed by some beach/quiet time and a Q&A session. Everyone had a lot of questions and advice to give and I learned so much from that. For the rest of the day, we went to visit the lovely girls at @tikigs and shopped around. I looked around and saw this polka dot blazer with yellow trimmings and cuffs. It was one of those items that I contemplated on getting but I couldn’t leave without! I love it so much. If you ever in Gulf Shores, please check our their boutique. They are located close to the beach. We ,also, had more time to create with everyone by the beach. During the day and close to sunset, the hosts had two separate couples come in for the photographers so that they could practice shooting with couples. It was cool to sit back and look to see what angles everyone was shooting from and what they could come up with.


Photos by @aprilloyle

I had such a great experience and learned so much. I would like to thank April and Saidy for creating a community where I could be surrounded by like minded people and for allowing me to share such a creative space with others. They are really up to something huge and it is going to go so far. Please go follow them on the Bloom page and their personal pages as well. I will also leave every single person who was there and some of the photos that they took of me as well. I miss Bloom so much. If only it was an every weekend thing. Also, I might do another blog post just for extra photos I got from that weekend. 🙂

Keyonna x


Photos by @jennifernle_ @lifewithjenn_

April @aprilloyle

Saidy @saidytroha

Colette @colettebottiaux

Meagan @_makeupbymea

Jaylee @jayleedempsey

Kizzie @kizzieklaire

Brittany @whereisbrittanynow

Sarah @sarahbystarlight

Dani @danimadisonphotography

Elizabeth @elizabethvmoody

Alexis @livinlavidalexi

Marissa @moorerissa

Jennifer @jennifernle_

Bethany @bethakneezinthetrap

Courtney @cooout

Lexi @lexiallen

Brooke @brookecooley_

Sara @saraglittle

Liv @livauthenticphoto

Keyonna x


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