3 Ways to Style: BDG Corduroy Jacket

HAPPY FALL! I just realized the day that I will be posting this, it will be the first day of Autumn. I have never been so excited in my life…I mean that’s kind of a lie because I always get excited for this time of the year; it’s nothing new. Fall is honestly the best time of the year. It is when I thrive the most; mentally and with my fashion. Around this time of year, you normally associate it with family time and the weather is just WAY better! During the summer, it’s so freaking hot in the south. So, if I’m not in a pool or in an air conditioned place, I do not want to go outside. Fall here, its not as cold as it would be up North but I’m also not sweating bullets either. Win win for me. BUT ANYWHO. In today’s blog, I thought I would show you guys how I would style this corduroy jacket that I got from Urban Outfitters ON SALE. I remember seeing it on the website when they were having an extra 40% off on clearance items and decided that I had to get it. The patchwork on it is amazing! I knew I made a good choice on buying it because I have received so many compliments on it.  It may be 100 degrees outside now but it will get cold eventually and I can wear it and not die of a heatstroke.


This one was probably my favorite out of the three because it’s the one that I would gravitate towards the most. I buttoned up the jacket so that it would look like a dress. I ordered the jacket in a size large thinking it would just be oversized but still be the normal length of a jacket. I was wrong. It was so long when I put it on! BUT it gave me the idea to do this blog post so, blessing in disguise. I belt it up with Neika’s Off White belt (which I literally made her put on me because I was afraid that I was going to break it) and put my Sam Edelman heels on. For accessories, I decided to go with a pearl moment with my bag and my hair clips. So I’m not flashing anyone, I put on a pair of animal print biker shorts! If the jacket was a little bit longer with the belt, I would still wear shorts but I wouldn’t have them showing.


With this outfit, I wore the jacket like it was intended to be worn. Underneath, I have a cute little tank from Barely Jade , some thrifted Levi shorts, and Neika’s Fenty Boots. I clearly borrowed a lot from Neika. When I shot these looks, I was in Dallas visiting her and her sister so, I had full access to her closet MWAHAHA. To accessorize, I plopped on a bucket hat from Forever 21! Fun fact: it’s actually a black bucket hat and the animal print is on the inside. I cut the tag from the inside, flipped it inside out, and ba-bam. This look was my least favorite only because this isn’t something I would normally wear at all. I channeled my inner Neika with this one. If you have followed us for a long time, you would know that between me and her, she is the tomboy one and I’m more so on the girly side. It was still a fun look to rock for the time being ^_^.


Last but not least, we have our third and final outfit. I buttoned up the jacket so that it was more so like a shirt but only buttoned it half way so that my belt could show through. I didn’t want to go all out with my pants because they are basically covered anyway with the jacket and my thigh high boots from Rue 21. As I am typing this, I just realized that in each look that I am wearing animal print. Go me for keeping up with the trends. I, also, am in LOVE with animal print these days. To keep the sun out of my eyes, I put on my Desi Perkins x Quay Australia shades! It was super sunny and hot in Dallas that day so, I’m glad I had those on hand.

AND THOSE ARE THE LOOOKS! Let me know in the comments how you would style this jacket ! I will definitely link this in the blog if it still available. If it is not, I will try to find something similar for you so we can be twins. ALSO, how are you guys liking my new hair?! It is a color that I never thought would look good on me but I really really love it.

I am so ready to create so much more content for you guys for fall ! It is really the best time of the year and I know you guys can agree with me. UNTIL NEXT TIME …..

Keyonna x


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