The PERFECT Fall Drink Recipe


IMG_3160Fall and Winter are basically my favorite times of the year. One of the reasons be the food and seasonal beverages. Brooklyn Crafted has reached out to me to create the perfect fall drink with their new Brooklyn Crafted Cinnamon & Cinnamon Apple line, and their Brooklyn Crafted Brown Sugar & Ginger herbal Tea! I was extremely excited and accepted the challenge. I knew right away that I wanted to do something alcoholic but make it to where you can take out the alcohol if you are not into that. SO, let’s get started ! Here is everything that you will need:

  • The Brooklyn Food and Beverage Brown Sugar Ginger Herbal Tea
  • Any type of vodka of your choosing. (I used Peach Smirnoff)
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lemon Juice


This drink is very easy to make! Grab your ingredients and follow these simple instructions. Grab a cup with an extra so that you can mix together and have one filled with a cup of ice. Pour in half of the brown sugar ginger herbal tea and half of the ginger beer. With the vodka, I put in a shots worth just so it is not too much but you are allowed to put in as much as you would like. Lastly, I would splash the drink with a little bit of lemon juice. and VOILÀ! You have yourself a tasty fall drink. Obviously to make this a virgin cocktail, you can take out the vodka and it is just as good. I think this is perfect for a party or if you just want to have a nice drink to unwind for the day! If you guys recreate this , let me know in the comments! Also make sure to go check out Brooklyn Food & Beverage on Instagram and their website ( to learn more about them. 🙂




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